One of Australia’s Major Potable Water Treatment Plants Installs LimeFlo™ Units

September 21, 2023

TasWater’s Bryn Estyn Water Treatment Plant is the main source of drinking water for the Greater Hobart Region. The plant was recently upgraded to increase capacity to 160MLD and to improve plant efficiency.

As part of the upgrade, Hydroflux Epco was awarded the supply, commissioning and operator training of lime saturation technology, using two LimeFlo™ Saturator units.

Project Highlights

  • Two 9m diameter LimeFlo™ saturator units were design and fabricated by Hydroflux using local fabrication businesses in Hobart.
  • Two CircPro® sludge recirculation units were delivered together with the saturators.
  • Complete design and fabrication of the access platforms and stairways
  • Offsite Trial assembly
  • Specialist instrumentation
  • Supervision of Installation, Process Commissioning and Operator Training

Technology Highlights

  • High utilization rate and production of saturated lime water
  • Externally mounted CircPro® sludge recirculation provides efficient lime contact with easy out of tank access for simple maintenance.
  • Free standing units delivered in a bolted design to allow easy site assembly onsite with reduced construction costs.
  • Heavy duty VeeMax® sludge scraping system proven in lime clarification applications.

LimeFlo™ Saturators are designed to treat lime slurry fed from upstream processes by removing insoluble solids and producing a clear lime water for use in the control of pH and alkalinity. The LimeFlo™ Lime Saturator utilises the CircPro® recirculation system to maximise lime water saturation and efficiency. 

Limeflo and CircPro are trademarks of Hydroflux Epco Pty Ltd

About the Hydroflux Group

The Hydroflux Group aims to deliver the highest level of engineering and scientific know-how to the emerging issues of sustainability, climate adaptation and environmental protection with a specific focus on water and wastewater.

As part of its vision and mission, Hydroflux has always taken its climate responsibility seriously. In 2022, Hydroflux became Australia’s first water treatment and technology company to achieve Climate Active carbon neutral certification for its organisation and products. It knows that partnering with customers and clients is the most significant impact it can have in its journey. The Group employs over 100 staff and operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, with office locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Auckland, Suva and Portsmouth.

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